A Danish company is building hybrid plants to provide energy from green energy alone

Vestesen Hybrid Energy’s hybrid plant allows electrical power grids to operate on energy that is 100 percent green. 

These new and groundbreaking hybrid plants can both establish an electrical power grid and stabilise its ability to operate on green energy alone, thus contributing to reduced electricity prices. The new plants make it possible to increase the wind and solar capacity that can be connected to electrical power grids, enabling the supply of clean, green energy as long as there is sufficient wind and solar power available; either direct from source or from available storage technologies.

This new technical solution can provide both nationally connected and isolated electrical power grids with up to a 100 percent share of green energy from wind turbines and solar panels. The construction of the first such plant has just been completed. Looking forward, Vestesen Hybrid Energy also plans to build a number of plants with financing provided from Denmark’s Green Investment Fund.  
Thomas Qvist Vestesen, CEO: 
“Vestesen Hybrid Energy’s vision is to increase the green energy share in electrical power grids to almost 100 per cent. We need to develop and adapt our energy systems to provide green, sustainable power and heat. Using green power also means lower prices. If we are to achieve this, new technical solutions are required for our electrical power grids, including in the areas that are isolated from national electrical power grids. Our new hybrid plants allow us to offer such a technical solution.”

The hybrid plant uses a unique technology that makes it possible to use the highest possible proportion of green energy in electrical power grids. There is therefore good reason to look forward to the green impact of this innovation,” says Michael Zöllner, Managing Director of the Danish Green Investment Fund: 
“It is essential that we develop new technologies and business models to bring about a greener and more sustainable future. Energy systems are a significant factor towards achieving this goal. Green power is the very foundation for sustainable transport, production and the entire way we have structured our society. Vestesen Hybrid Energy is making a positive contribution to the green transition, because their solution allows us to use a significantly higher proportion of renewable energy than was previously possible. At the same time, theirs is a technology with strong commercial potential, which is the background for our financing in Denmark’s Green Investment Fund”  
Project on the island of Vejrø 
An island to the north of Lolland called Vejrø is one step ahead of the rest of Denmark when it comes to renewable energy. This is because Vestesen Hybrid Energy has already built a hybrid plant there, in partnership with Vestas. Kim Fournais, the founder and CEO of Saxo Bank, bought the island with the goal of creating a community that is sustainable, organic and self-sufficient. The island’s hybrid plant is pivotal towards achieving these green objectives. Vejrø is one of the areas of Denmark that is not connected to the national electrical power grid.  

Thomas Qvist Vestesen says “This is a fantastic example of how we can help to establish electricity and heat supply using only green energy. It means that Vejrø is supplied with sustainable electricity and heating, which benefits both climate and the environment.” 

Vestesen Hybrid Energy also has a number of other plants on the drawing board in the near future.  

About Vestesen Hybrid Energy  
Vestesen Hybrid Energy develops, designs and manufactures hybrid plants for the global market. The company holds patents for its various hybrid technologies and has registered a number of new patent applications since the start of 2021. These technologies are used to allow electrical power grids to operate with a 100 percent green energy share, maximising the use of energy generated by wind and solar power sources to provide electricity and heat supply. 

About Denmark’s Green Investment Fund
Denmark’s Green Investment Fund is an independent government fund that provides loans with a view to co-financing investments that facilitate Danish society’s transition to green energy sources. The fund aims to work together traditional sources of funding and equity, operating with a focus that is both green and commercial. The fund supports projects in the fields of renewable energy, reduced energy consumption and streamlining resources.