• Vestesen builds hybrid plants for energy supply – and bets on hydrogen power-to-power (summary of earlier articles)
    About Vestesen Hybrid Energy  Vestesen Hybrid Energy develops, designs, and manufactures hybrid plants for the global market. The company holds patents for its various hybrid technologies and has registered a number of new patent applications since the start of 2021. These technologies are used to allow electrical power grids to operate with 100% green energy. […]
  • Hydrogen Power to Power Projects
    With our hybrid plant operating with 100% green energy, Vestesen Hybrid Energy will create Hydrogen Power to Power projects.  With reference to our article in the Danish State’s Denmark’s Green Investment Fund on Tuesday, 8 November 2022, ”Dansk virksomhed bygger hybridanlæg til energiforsyning udelukkende på grøn energi” (“A Danish company is building hybrid plants to […]
  • A Danish company is building hybrid plants to provide energy from green energy alone
    Vestesen Hybrid Energy’s hybrid plant allows electrical power grids to operate on energy that is 100 percent green.  These new and groundbreaking hybrid plants can both establish an electrical power grid and stabilise its ability to operate on green energy alone, thus contributing to reduced electricity prices. The new plants make it possible to increase […]