Vestesen builds hybrid plants for energy supply – and bets on hydrogen power-to-power (summary of earlier articles)

About Vestesen Hybrid Energy  
Vestesen Hybrid Energy develops, designs, and manufactures hybrid plants for the global market. The company holds patents for its various hybrid technologies and has registered a number of new patent applications since the start of 2021.

These technologies are used to allow electrical power grids to operate with 100% green energy. This includes hybrid plants for balancing an electricity grid with the integration of hydrogen technology for power-to-power and power-to-x projects.

Hydrogen power-to-power
With a Vestesen hybrid plant and an optimal configuration of installed wind and solar power, a long-term share of green energy of around 80% can be achieved. Vestesen has seen up to almost 90%, where there are particularly advantageous wind and solar resources. This means that only 10-20% of the annual consumption will have to be covered by hydrogen. This will be during peak periods of electricity consumption and electricity consumption where there is no wind/solar power that is covered by operating with hydrogen. This means that we will use hydrogen to cover what is typically costly electricity consumption. 

The less hydrogen it requires to achieve an electricity supply of close to 100% green energy, the better. Thus, Vestesen’s special hybrid plant for operating with 100% green energy share in an electrical grid is a prerequisite for a feasible power-to-power project with hydrogen. 

Vestesen technology for establishing and stabilizing an electrical grid can integrate hydrogen electrolysis systems while simultaneously reducing other equipment for regulation. When our battery for the balancing function is fully charged and there is still more wind and sun, we make hydrogen. When wind and sun decrease and the battery falls below a minimum, we start up generator set operation on hydrogen.  

Update on plant in operation
From November 2022 to January 2023 the Vestesen hybrid plant in Denmark has operated continuously with 100% green energy from wind and solar power for average 16 days per month. The monthly average share of green energy has been 72%, maximum monthly share of green energy has been 82%. We have a very high-power quality with a high frequency quality of 50Hz (+/-0.25Hz) and high voltage quality when balancing the electrical grid.